Lua chon Ngon Ngu


Vietnam currently has nearly 500 universities and colleges spreading all over cities and provinces from North to South. The total number of students is more than 2.4 million including approximately 1.2 million school-leavers every year; more than 140,000 students studying overseas with 90% self-funding; more than 450 joint-training and franchising programs with 255 international partners; all those numbers from Vietnam show how important Education is to our people, and we are trying the hardest to ensure our young generation can benefit from the best education available.

The leaders from domestic universities and colleges with the new international mindset, are looking for the internationalisation through overseas partnership collaboration, and preparing to meet and discuss with potential institutional partners that share the same interests from all over the world. The scope of discussion can range from student exchange, faculty exchange, research collaboration to joint training program establishment and all other transnational education solutions that can support Vietnamese students to achieve international qualification without spending a fortune for living and studying abroad.

One of the main targets of IHED Vietnam 2017 is to support such trend by providing the first official platform for international and domestic institutions to meet, discuss and cooperate in aforementioned scope of institutional collaboration. With that in mind, we create our UniBridging session (reserved for pre-registered institutions only) to better facilitate the meeting between universities sharing the same interests towards transnational education