Lua chon Ngon Ngu


Accompanied with Education Exhibitions, Scholarships Info Session is another focused activities at IHED Vietnam 2017. While the Education Exhibitions focus on providing visitors with scholarships from each institution, Scholarship Info Sessions by representatives from Embasssies in Vietnam target on issuing the most official and updated guidance to whom intending to apply for those available scholarships.

Last year during IHED Vietnam 2016, there were representatives from 06 Embassies invited to deliver scholarship info sessions, and their presentations attracted a number of listeners:

  • Australian Awards Endeavour Scholarship and Fellowships
  • New Zealand Scholarship by New Zealand Government
  • JDS Project Scholarships for Vietnamese students
  • Italian Government Scholarships for International students
  • IDEAS Scholarship by Irish Government for postgraduate business studies
  • 911-Newton Fund scholarship by United Kingdom Government